The Story So Far
is it cool to get a custom hockey jersey?

fuck yes

what are some good guitar brand suggestions

electric or acoustic? 

acoustic: taylor, martin, yamaha, fender, gibson, guild. 

electric: ESP/LTD, Gibson/Epiphone, Fender/Squier, G&L, Ernie Ball/MusicMan, tons more…

Do you think you'll ever do another tour with ADTR?

no idea

Would you listen to my band if i sent you a link to the music?


Do you guys ever even take pictures with fans? I have never seen one..

yes. just smokehashtag tssf 

Are you going to be making any more flags soon????????


You guys really need to do spontaneous last minute no barrier shows. Sick of seeing you guys at big venues.

we do. it’s tough, we’re busy man. but we will. we’re sick of playing big venues but sometimes it’s out of our control my friend. 


Beat LA! Let’s go Sharks!

Beat LA! Let’s go Sharks!

what's your least favorite band ever

U2. bono is a poser

did something happen at a meet and greet for you to stop doing them?

no, we did them close to every day last summer and honestly, it wasn’t fun! it felt like the most impersonal way to thank our fans. lets have you all stand in a line while your favorite band is playing, or fuck, maybe our tent is set up next to a stage that has your least favorite band playing. While you wait in the sun for a quick glimpse of us and a signature, we’re in the shade looking up every few seconds to see a new face. barley enough time to finish signing whatever you have brought to us to sign. seems unfair to me and waste of everyones time. so we’re not doing them. we also don’t feel the need to put in the spotlight and have a set time for you to come and meet us when you’re hardly getting a “hello, how are you?”. 

we’re just not the kind of people to do it i guess. we’ll be cool and hang out all day and walk around like everybody else and sometimes it’s so god damn hot out we won’t!

being 100% honest, that shit sucks!